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What to do if my boiler shows an error code?

Posted on by Rudkin & Herbert Team

When your boiler fails and begins displaying an error code, it can be easy to panic and think the worst, particularly during cold weather when you rely heavily on your heating. However, many boiler error codes have relatively simple fixes, some of which can be quickly sorted by some savvy adjustments and DIY. So, to help you work out what to do in the event of a boiler error code display, we’ll be covering some of the more common DIY solutions below.

What to do if my boiler shows an error code

Check the manual

Although it may seem tedious to trawl through, your boiler’s manual has a whole host of incredibly useful information in it. Within the manual should be a list of error codes which will shed light on what precisely is wrong. With boilers differing between makes and manufacturers, it’s important you seek information regarding your specific model, as the same displayed error code may mean different things between different units. If you can’t find your manual, Worcester Bosch have their user manuals conveniently accessible online.

Common faults

With modern boilers, you shouldn’t experience faults often. However, there are a few errors which may crop up more than others which, thankfully, have a simple enough fix.

Prepaid meters

If you have a prepaid meter and have forgotten to top it up lately, you can run into issues. Without paying, your gas supply can be temporarily shut off which can result in no ignition and an error code. If this is the root of the problem, you simply need to top up your credit. You may also need to press the reset button on your boiler to get it to ignite again.

Low pressure

If your boiler’s pressure drops too low, it will shut off and display an error code. Check your pressure gauge to establish whether this is the issue – anything below one bar is low. Repressurise your boiler to around 1.5 bar and reset your boiler to get it up and running again. The instructions for repressuring will be in your user manual and the process is simple – usually just involving identifying the correct lever, opening it slightly to adjust the pressure, and closing it again.

Frozen pipes

In particularly cold weather and freezing temperatures, there is the risk that poorly insulated pipes outside will freeze. If the condensate pipe – which runs outside – freezes, it will cause a blockage which can result in the boiler shutting down and giving an error code. The best way to solve this problem and get your boiler running again is to locate the pipe outside and simply pour warm/hot water – but not boiling water – over it to thaw the blockage.


If your boiler’s internal temperature is hiking quickly and then shutting off, it is a sign there’s an issue. This can have many causes, from limescale build up to pump jams. First, check that there is nothing blocking the pressure release valve. If this isn’t the issue, it is best to call an engineer as the problem will be internal and require specialist knowledge to solve.

Other issues

These are just a few of the more frequent faults and error code meanings that may arise. Check your user manual thoroughly and see if your question is answered through Worcester Bosch’s handy online troubleshooter. If, however, you can’t solve the problem without an engineer – and remember it’s always best to seek professional assistance if you’re unsure – get in touch with a reputable local heating expert.

For Worcester Bosch boilers, if your unit is defective but still under guarantee, contact the manufacturer directly to organise a free call out and repair.


Rudkin & Herbert are experts in boilers and central heating systems. Our skilled and experienced team can carry out installations and servicing for Worcester Bosch units – for whom we are a diamond level installer – and all major system brands. For servicing for non-existing customers, we just require you present the original manufacturer’s instructions so we can ensure the standards set out by the manufacturer are met.

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