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Can I Build a Wet Room Upstairs?

Posted on by Rudkin & Herbert Team

Contrary to popular belief, a wet room does not need to be confined to the ground floor of a property. In fact, multiple-storeyed buildings, such as fancy hotels and skyscrapers, have been installing wet rooms on various floors for years. Almost any bathroom, on any floor, with any material surface can be transformed into a stunning wet room. The team at Rudkin & Herbert have written this article to tell you all you need to know about installing a wet room safely on any floor of a property.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a bathroom that incorporates an open shower system, usually set behind a glass panel, in which water flows freely onto the bathroom floor. Typically, bathrooms possess a contained showering unit that sits on top of the bathroom floor. With a wet room, there is no unit; the shower head is built into the wall and the bathroom floor is the basin. The water is contained in one area and prevented from flooding the rest of the bathroom by partially sloping the floor directly under the shower head so that excess water runs towards the drain. The main reason for people choosing to transform their bathroom in this way is because of the stunning aesthetic a wet room provides. The showering area blends seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom, creating a clean, contemporary finish.

Building a wet room upstairs

The main argument we’ve heard over the years of why wet rooms can’t be built upstairs is because the ceiling below will become water damaged and eventually lead to serious structural issues. There is no reason for this to occur. No water should leak through any surfaces so long as the wet room has been waterproofed to a professional standard.

Can I do it myself?

Given the importance of high quality workmanship to ensure a watertight bathroom, we highly recommend using reputable professionals to do the job for you. While kits are available for self-application, the jobs involved in creating a wet room can be complex, and trusting in professionals will always be your best bet. A knowledgeable workforce will create your wet room by installing waterproof membranes, using appropriate drainage, implementing accurate floor gradients and employing the best waterproofing systems.

Rudkin & Herbert have years of experience successfully creating wet rooms from all types of bathroom. We work alongside you to build a design using a broad range of colours, styles and materials we offer. Our team of experts will then complete all the physical maintenance of the wet room to an exceptionally high standard. We’re happy to do this in any room of your house and will guarantee a fully watertight, stunning wet room at the end of the process.

Creating wet rooms is just one of the services we offer in our extensive range. For more information about our products and services, to for any questions you may have about our wet rooms, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.