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The new boiler legislation changed in April 2018 – what does this mean for you?

Posted on by Rudkin & Herbert Team

boiler legislation changes 2018As of April 2018, new legislation regarding the efficiency of new boilers has come into effect. The changes apply to both entirely new installations and the replacement of old boilers. The regulations, which have been named Boiler Plus, aim to improve energy efficiency standards, save people money in operating costs and increase the control you have over your heating system.

What are the legislation changes?

The Boiler Plus legislation can be split into three main changes.

Boiler efficiency

Domestic gas boilers will need to meet new energy efficiency levels, as measured by ErP (energy related products) performance. The regulations mean that boilers will now need to operate more economically and have a minimum ErP efficiency of 92%. More efficient boiler operation improves both eco-friendliness and can save you money on energy bills.

Better controls

All gas and oil boilers are now required to have a timer and thermostat incorporated into their controls. Although these are already widespread, the legislation turns these factors into a necessity. The presence of these controls allows owners to have greater command over their heating system.

Energy saving measure

For combi boilers, an additional energy saving measure needs to be included during installation. This can be one of four options:

  • Load compensation: this takes into account the temperature of your home, adjusting radiators to be hotter when your home is cold and cooling off when your home is close to your sought temperature
  • Weather compensation: this is similar to load compensation except instead of accounting for your home’s temperature, the feature factors in the outside temperature
  • Flue gas heat recovery system: this system makes use of heat emitted by your boiler which would have otherwise been wasted
  • Smart heating controls: these allow you to operate your heating system remotely through a smartphone or tablet

Why are the changes being introduced?

The Boiler Plus legislation is being introduced to improve standards in the boiler market. By making good energy efficiency and heating management controls a requirement, carbon emissions can be curbed on a countrywide scale and customers can see reductions in their fuel consumption and, consequently, their energy bills.

How will the changes affect me?

The changes only apply when you get a new boiler, if your current boiler is working well you need not worry about having to update it. However, when you do need to buy a new boiler, you will have a choice of units all of which will offer you improved energy efficiency. For combi boilers, your heating engineer should talk through the energy saving measures open to you so you can decide upon the best option for you and your home.  


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