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We have been a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer since 1999

Solar Panels (PV) In Leicester

Rudkin & Herbert are highly qualified and experienced installers of low carbon - PV (photovoltaic) - alternatives for electricity generation working throughout Leicestershire and the surrounding area.

The installations we carry out are assured to a quality standard by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and so approved under the Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS). So you can be certain that the design, installation and commissioning of PV systems is completed within the MIS 3002 quality standard and that our systems are all suitable to operate under the Government's Feed in Tariff incentive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Photovoltaic Panels work?

Some materials demonstrate the PV effect by absorbing photons of light and releasing electrons which create an electrical current.

PV, or solar photovoltaic panels, use renewable technologies to convert sunlight into electricity. PV panels do however create a DC electrical current, but with a simple inverter the energy can be converted into a usable AC electric current.

What are the benefits?

Your PV system will not only provide your electricity, saving you money on your energy bills, it will also lower your carbon footprint and as we work under the MCS, you'll also benefit under the Government's Feed in Tariff incentive. This means that people who decide to use small scale, low carbon alternatives for electricity generation, such as PV (photovoltaic), can make a profit on the electricity they produce and feed back into the national grid.

How much does it pay?

The Feed in Tariff pays 14.38p for each kWh produced from a system installed on a property.

How much electricity does PV produce?

On average, a PV panel positioned on southerly facing roof, at a 30 degree angle, with next to no shade will produce approximately 850 – 900 kWh annually.

Where are PV Systems fitted?

Depending on your requirements, we can either install your PV panels fully integrated into the roof, or mounted on frames on the ground.

How big a system do I need?

We make an appointment to do a site visit to assess your roof type, what direction the roof is facing, and to see if there are any obstructions that will affect the system's performance. We will also establish what you will want to achieve from your PV installation and recommend the ideal size of system to suit. We can also carry out surveys on larger industrial and commercial premises.

How much in income can I expect from my PV System?

The Feed in Tariff is paid for 20 years from installation and the income you receive is tax free and index linked. The amount of income you can expect will vary depending on the size of your system, the amount of energy you produce and the amount you use.

We can discuss this in detail during your initial assessment, but on average customers with smaller systems receive approximately £400 - £800 per year, while customers with the larger systems can receive over £16,000 during the 20 year feeder tariff period of the system

What are the installation costs?

The typical cost of a completed system would be £3,500 to £5,900 for a 2kWp to 4kWp system. We would of course carry out a site survey to provide you with a fixed price quotation.

* These are estimated figures and cannot be a guaranteed time.

How long before I earn my initial investment back?

You should make your money back in about 8 to 10 years. This is based on a retrofit system installed by MCS approved installers such as ourselves.

* These are estimated figures and cannot be a guaranteed time.

Why choose Rudkin and Herbert?
  • We can provide you with excellent references of our existing customers who have had solar PV and solar thermal systems installed by Rudkin & Herbert.
  • We have been trading for over 18 years in the building industry and have a wide range of invaluable experience.
  • We offer full yearly check-ups and a cleaning service to ensure your system continues to offer you exceptional value and function.
  • All of the products that we use, as well as our installations, are MCS approved.
  • All of our engineers are employed by Rudkin & Herbert (no sub-contractors).
  • We are members of the REA (Renewable Energy Assurance) scheme and offer our services in accordance with the REAL Consumer Code of Conduct.
  • We supply all of the necessary warranties and guarantees - up to 12 years on panels and 10 years on inverters
  • No over-hyped figures! All figures quoted are from Government information.
  • The equipment we use and recommend is all MCS approved. No non-approved products are considered.
  • Recommended manufacturers include: Kioto, Suntellite, JA Solar, SMA, Samil Power.

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