Understanding ground source heat pumps

An energy efficient and economical way to heat your Leicester property, ground source heat pumps are a good option when gas is unavailable. Ground source heat pumps collect waste energy that normally resides in the ground outside your home; this process is known as latent heat evaporation. Pipes in the ground effectively harvest this energy and relay it to your home for use. The more pipes you have, the more energy you can collect to fuel your heating system.

To utilise ground source heat pumps in your property, you will need sufficient space outside of your home to be able to lay the ground loop tubing. At Rudkin & Herbert, our engineers can design a renewable heating system to suit you and save you money.

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The Rudkin & Herbert difference

Established in 1992, at Rudkin & Herbert we’re a family-run company based in Leicester. Whether it’s installing ground source heat pumps in your property or you require us for another plumbing service or heating installation project, you can rely on our expert and fully trained and qualified team. Choose Rudkin & Herbert and take advantage of our:

  • 8 years of experience and counting
  • MCS approved and accredited
  • Full yearly service and installation check-ups
  • Commitment to operating safely in every kind of work
  • Top quality products and service
  • Highest level in customer service

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